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Ecotherapy: The Healer

Ecotherapy allows us to reconnect to our natural selves through the natural world around us. In today's society, we often perceive ourselves as unattached and independent agents operating in a natural environment. The truth is that we are natural animals, with natural needs that are often repressed by our problem solving minds which are adapted to adjusting to the modern world and it's demands. The failure to connect to the natural signals that our bodies have learned over the course of millennia can lead to depression, anxiety and a sense of something wrong, something missing in our rightful place in the world and our real abilities to search out opportunities for a better and improved life.
Ecotherapy allows us to tune back into the natural world, not through great effort by ourselves, but by letting the natural world speak to us.

If we are not able to meet face-to-face, how can ecotherapy work via Online counselling sessions?

Emma will always suggest that you conduct the sessions in a well-lit room where there is a source of natural light and preferably with a window. Try to seat yourself by the window. You can be looking over a busy street or back garden. Nature is all around us, even in the busiest, most concrete of cities. The birds flying above, pigeons pecking at the road side, moss growing up the side of a wall, a fly interrupting our wandering daydreams - all of them play an effortless part in our nature connection! Another alternative is to have your favourite pet or pot plant nearby during your session. Emma will talk through aspects of your nature connection, and set you little tasks to do before the next session, to keep nurturing your nature connection.

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